When Engaging Web Design Services, Make Emotional Appeal the Priority

Emotions are the doorway to a customer’s wallet. This is why businesses invest heavily in making their establishments look good. It is why the marketing industry uses models to attract customer attention. Likewise, this idea is also the driving force behind the viral marketing practices some companies employ today.

In fact, appealing to customer’s emotions is such a powerful marketing tactic that marketers have applied emotional design to practically every point of contact at least once in the past. This is why, as a point of contact, your website must also be designed to appeal to the emotions of your customers.

An article from The Next Web reiterates this:

“Business on the Internet is about standing out and being noticed.

We want what we do online to be thought of as remarkable and worthy of continued discussion.

Simply put, we want an audience to commit to a relationship with us. Page views, mailing list signups and product purchases are all the result of this pined-for engagement.

But to achieve this, we need to show them value, trust and possibly most importantly, create an emotional connection with them.

As consumers ourselves, we’ve all become accustomed to exceptionally designed online experiences. Even if we aren’t professional Web designers or graphic artists, we know what looks good and reward companies that have got their aesthetics just right by giving them our money (some examples are: Apple, Nest and Kickstarter).

Conversely, if your website and its products don’t measure up visually, trust and value won’t be established and sales could be lost.”

Double-edged sword

For many companies, however, the problem of incorporating emotional appeal into web design is a double-edged sword. While most will admit to its importance, few companies choose to exploit emotional design due to one pervading reason: cost.

When Engaging Web Design Services, Make Emotional Appeal the Priority

Admittedly, contracting professional web design services to create an aesthetic that appeals to the customer’s emotions can cost a business significantly more than having a website that meets just the basic requirements of design. Against this point, however, business owners should consider that investing more money in a better website will also yield significant financial returns.

When employed correctly, emotional website design turns ordinary visitors into brand evangelists. In the same way that viral videos spread quickly because people are inclined to share them, so too will a great website compel visitors to get the word out about that site. Then, whether or not the sharer decides to contract the company’s services at that point matters little, because somewhere down the line, someone is going to want to spend a little money.

So, when engaging website design services from companies like Aligned Right Media, remember to make emotional website design your first priority.

(Source: The importance of emotion in design, The Next Web, February 25, 2014)

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