Get Your Website’s Annual Checkup to Keep Everything Running Smoothly

Technology is frustrating. Anyone who has ever tried to learn to use the internet with no prior knowledge of computers can tell you that it is not as straightforward or user-friendly as it seems to those of us who are used to it. Websites are complex and navigating them takes a set of skills that take time and patience to learn. Even the most experienced users still make mistakes, usually when it is most important for them to get things right.

This is doubly true for anyone who has ever tried to interact with a website from “behind the scenes”–using coding and programming languages to build an interactive page from scratch. As developers make the “on-screen” parts of websites increasingly easier for viewers to interact with, the “behind the scenes” parts become even more complex and difficult to manage. As a result, experienced designers sometimes create business websites that crash the day the business opens, and also why sometimes the website that worked well for your business a year ago does not work so well anymore.

These are just some of the reasons why Aligned Right Media designed our Website Audit service. We take a close look at your website to make sure that everything is aligned properly for maximum effectiveness. It is like a tune-up for your virtual engine!


We look for answers to important questions like …

  • Are any of your site’s links broken?
  • Do all of your forms work as intended, or do they generate errors?
  • Does your content contain the appropriate number of key words?
  • Is your content the right length?
  • Are your meta-titles and page descriptions optimized to bring in the largest number of page views?
  • How much of your content is duplicated elsewhere?
  • And more!

Little Corrections, Big Change

For the most part, you like your website the way it is. It looks good and the content says everything you want to convey about your business. All you want to do is make it a little more effective–or maybe just make sure that it is as effective as it can be. That is where we come in. We look under the hood of your website, check to be sure that everything is working properly, and fix any errors we may find.

Just as your car will not run as well if you do not get your oil changed every once in a while, your website will not perform as well if you do not update it regularly. Websites like Google and Bing are constantly changing their search algorithms to weed out more spam. Furthermore, users are changing the way that they access the internet, using phones and tablets more often than laptop or desktop computers. If you do not change when they do, you will lose customers and not be able to keep up.