Search engine is not the most glamorous or exciting Internet marketing practice. However, our local search engine optimization services are among the crucial building blocks of a solid marketing strategy. Just as not even the most beautiful or elaborate building could stand up for long without a solid concrete foundation, no marketing strategy can be effective without proper search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is a large part of what makes your website visible in the online world, and it is such a common practice that many popular bloggers regularly include it as part of their websites. In an ideal world, good products would always be easy to find. In the real world, the products and services that succeed are those that are optimized to be easily accessible to potential customers.


Through years of experience, we have streamlined our local search engine optimization services to deliver results by:

  • Conducting market research
  • Locating those keywords which most often lead users to your site or to sites like yours
  • Rewriting your website content to use those keywords more effectively
  • Creating internal and external links to your website with those keywords
  • Designing specific, targeted meta titles and descriptions for all of your pages

How SEO Optimizes Search Results and Your Marketing Strategy

Pretend for a moment that you are a potential customer looking to buy a product. In this day and age, you probably do not just walk to the nearest store and buy whatever they have on hand. Instead, you consult the internet. You pull up a search engine like Google and search for the product you want to buy in order to find the one that is closest to you, or the one that is the best value, or the one that performs the best.

At one point, it was easy to get your website to show up on the front page of these search results by manipulating your content. Then Google developed more advanced search algorithms to weed out spam and deliver better results to its users. Now businesses and website designers have to use more highly developed strategies to make their products and services visible to the people searching for them.

As your search engine optimization company, we do this primarily by working with keywords, or the words that people might type into a search engine to find your site. Using these words strategically within your website can increase your search rankings. So can creating links back to or within your website that use these keywords or putting them in your page titles.

We focus primarily on Google because it is the search engine your customers are most likely to use. Almost 67% of people do. Google has also developed some of the most advanced search algorithms in use today, so when Aligned Right Media brings your website to the top of Google’s results, you will show up at the top of Bing’s and Yahoo’s results as well.