They say that you never get a second chance at a first impression. In the age of the Internet, many businesses do not even get that. Your first impression is made for you by the people who post comments and reviews about your business online. If you do not have an online reputation management company responding quickly and creatively to these reviews, they can kill your chances with potential customers before you even know they exist.

More than 78% of Internet users say that they do online research before making a purchase. 80% say that they have decided not to purchase a product or service they were considering because of a negative review they read. Do not let yourself fall victim to that 80%. Be proactive with Aligned Right’s online reputation management services.


Online Brand Management Makes You Look Better than Ever

  • We create social media accounts for your business so that you become more recognizable
  • Then we keep those accounts active to build relationships with your potential customers and keep you looking your best
  • Your positive reviews rise to the top; potential customers read them first
  • We respond to and attempt to resolve negative reviews as quickly as possible
  • Negative reviews fall to the bottom, where many people will not even see them

Your Reputation Precedes You

We advocate online brand management for all of our clients because we understand more than just your needs; we understand your customers’ needs as well! If you consider the situation from their point of view, you will realize that most of your customers are not lacking in options. There may be five or six local businesses competing in your industry in your area, to say nothing of the worldwide companies customers now have access to. As a result, if you depend simply on a good physical location, your business may not succeed.

Instead, customers get online to search for the best value and highest quality products and services. They can buy most goods from anywhere in the world, but many products shipped from overseas do not live up to their high expectations. Customers are wary of these stores, which offer low-quality, low-cost goods with no opportunity for refunds or exchanges. Capitalize on this by letting them know that you provide higher-quality products and services and that you will respond to any complaints if they have them.

Let us be your personal online reputation management company. We will reassure your potential customers by lifting positive reviews to the top of search results for your business. Our services cannot erase all negative reviews, but we can use those to your advantage, too. Demonstrate your reliability and your interest in your customers by allowing us to respond quickly and effectively to any negative reviews as they are posted. Finally, let us keep up an ongoing conversation with your customers through social media so that they see that you are interested in them as individuals, not just as potential leads—all before they ever enter your store.