Local Search Engine Optimization Services Put You in Charge of Your Local Listings, Give You More Productive Page Views, and Make You the Star of Your Community

As technology develops, people create new and increasingly innovative ways to interact with that technology. We make websites to fulfill needs that did not even exist two years ago, and we use existing websites in ways that make them more effective aids to our fast-paced modern lives. Aligned Right Media specializes in staying ahead of these rapid changes. We use our skills to help our customers take advantage of them instead of falling behind.

Local Buzz optimization is one way in which we put these new tools to work for you. Between 2007 and 2011, local search grew by 144%. Customers are no longer finding businesses through general keyword searches. Now they use websites like Google Places, Google Maps, Bing Local, Facebook Places, Foursquare, and more to find and read reviews about businesses in their community.

Shockingly, Aligned Right Media is one of the few online marketing agencies that have responded to these changes. Almost none of our competitors offer any form of local search engine optimization services. Our businesses move to the top of the kind of searches their customers actually used while others struggle to find success with less effective methods.


The “Buzz” is All About Your Business

  • We do the research to see what information about your business is already online
  • We create, edit, and manage your profiles on location-based sites like Google Maps, Google Places, Bing Local, Facebook Places, and Foursquare
  • We create, optimize, and publish images to give your profiles more visual appeal
  • We publicize your promotions to make them go viral
  • You get a greater number of customer “check-ins,” posts which tell customers’ online friends that they visited your business in person
  • You review our professionally-designed content to ensure it meets your standards
  • You become more visible in your local business scene and draw in more customers from your community

Location, Location, Location

If you are not actively managing your profiles on local search engines, you have no idea what information potential customers are reading about your business. You may believe that your company website is the only page customers visit to learn about you. Alternatively, you may believe that you have no control over the empty profiles and business reviews that do exist. We know better.

Your company’s Local Buzz search engine optimization will begin with a thorough search of websites where it might be listed. For example, any customer who wants to review your business can create a profile for you on Google Maps or Facebook Places—and you would have no idea! Fortunately, all of these websites allow business owners to sign in, edit, and manage their existing profiles after they have been created. We find all the blank profiles that exist for your business and fill them in with accurate information. If any duplicate profiles exist, we delete the duplicates to make sure that customers only see the profiles you want them to see.

After we take control of your profiles, we optimize them to draw in more visitors. We use keywords to make your business more visible in search engines and we use a variety of creative strategies to get your customers to help you continue to climb in the rankings. Now that empty page that came up when users searched for your business is replaced by a full, exciting business profile that shows up even in more general searches.