Mixing Offline and Online Marketing for Local Business Growth is Good

Marketing is a necessity for business owners who want to expand their influence. There are different ways to market a business brand, and each have their own perks. A March 12, 2014 story on Mashable discusses a growing marketing tactic for businesses: making use of social media.

Maria Fernandez Guajardo, vice president at RetailNext, notes that 89% of consumers would sign up for mobile messages if they were personalized, citing a 2013 study by Vibes.

“Today, with real-time monitoring and alerts, in-store analytics can make marketing and management aware of low traffic stores immediately,” says Fernandez Guajardo. “And with social media and mobile access to information right at the shoppers’ fingertips, a marketing campaign can be triggered instantly.”

The article also described several methods used by different businesses to make their brands more appealing to potential clientele. To name one, Indochino─ an online vendor of custom-made tailored men’s suits─ uses a program that allows users to consult fabric professionals on their personal customization choices. This presents a fresh angle on how to effectively utilize online marketing for local business.

Online marketing in itself is a great tool to employ, as a considerable number of people are always on the Internet. Leveraging the power of the Internet to get more people to look into the business is a solid strategy; after all, it is cost-effective and it works 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Mixing Offline and Online Marketing for Local Business Growth is Good

However, there are certain things that must be considered. For example, an online store cannot provide the unique shopping experience that a person experiences when walking into a physical outlet. It is also easier for customers and clients to voice their concerns through an offline marketing strategy.

This is why the Mashable piece mentioned the necessity of social media. It encourages the growth of a local business through online marketing and offline tactics. Social media can easily integrate offline events into an online marketing campaign, and helps businesses connect with the clientele a lot easier than before.

Hybridizing the marketing campaign is sure to bring more buzz towards a business. Business owners looking to expand their marketing strategies should talk with reliable online marketers like Aligned Right Media for more information.

(Source: How to Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline Marketing, Msahable, March 12, 2014)

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