Mistakes That Can Be Avoided by Hiring Internet Marketing Consultants

Internet marketing is the way of the future and a lot of people are climbing onto the bandwagon. It helps that the rush to implement online marketing strategies is encouraged by the relative ease of doing so. However, companies using the Internet to raise awareness of their products and services often face several pitfalls that skilled internet marketing consultants can help them avoid.

Mistakes That Can Be Avoided by Hiring Internet Marketing Consultants

Many companies aiming to implement online marketing are start-ups, that is, new companies that are hoping to get a leg-up on their established competition. A March 2, 2014 article on Tech Cocktail discusses this phenomenon and explains the allure of Internet marketing to start-ups:

“Startup founders can be lured into spending huge amounts on ads and other website promotion strategies. The reason is obvious: many people can be reached for a few hundred dollars, which is nearly impossible in other forms of traditional advertisement strategies. However, the urge to earn more within a short period of time makes the business owner commit certain unknown mistakes that they should try to avoid instead.

For a large business, cost isn’t as much of a make-or-break scenario. But, for startups, it can ruin a newly established business if things get out of control. Therefore, it is important for new businesses to choose marketing channels according to their service and test the ROI before they make the complete investment.”

The problem with that is that start-ups sometimes make a few mistakes with their online strategies. A good example of this is investing in online marketing without determining how to measure the success of the campaign. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are needed to know the effectiveness of the campaign. Another mistake is to focus online marketing on only one field; good online strategies use multiple vectors like social media, SEO, and e-mail campaigns.

Other pitfalls include expecting too much of the campaign and being disappointed with the short-term results. These mistakes could have been avoided by consulting a knowledgeable online marketing consultant from companies like Aligned Right Media and others. It may mean an extra cost or two for your business, but there is no doubt that professional consultation will guide you on the right direction to take for your marketing strategies.

(Source: 5 Mistakes Every Startup Should Avoid While Investing in Online Marketing, March 2, 2014)

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