Lord Over Your Competition and Market with Local Internet Marketing

A lot of so-called marketing experts love jumping the gun and proclaiming that SEO is dead. However, despite what these people say, SEO is still alive and thriving. In the hospitality industry in particular, one survey shows that more than half of the website revenue of survey participants came from direct referral from search engines, including organic and paid SEO.

Does your company belong to the hospitality industry? If it does, then you have the same goals as any business: to promote brand awareness, reduce expenses, and ultimately, to increase sales. SEO—particularly a well-planned local internet marketing scheme—can be an effective way to present your services to the world.

Lord Over Your Competition and Market with Local Internet Marketing

An article from TRO SMITH reveals how the hospitality industry can benefit from SEO:

“The overwhelming majority of travelers look to online searches before making a decision. Therefore, it’s important for marketers to consider local search, especially for hospitality websites that focus on moment of interest connections. Local search has been, and will continue to be, an important resource for marketers to reach their customers.

The power of local SEO can help elevate sales. By investing in strategies such as local SEO, businesses can reach travelers at any point before or during their trip. Local search optimization helps drive this process by providing appropriate and easy to access information quickly, which inevitably leads to higher conversion rates. Travelers looking for information while out of town don’t have the luxury of doing extensive research on their phone, making local SEO even more imperative for hospitality and travel based businesses.”

SEO is a series of marketing practices that allow websites to inform search engines what a certain business is about, what products and services it offers, and why these are relevant to searchers. If your business website implements these practices, the search engines will rank it well in its results pages, plain and simple.

Regardless of the type of hospitality business you belong to, whether it be a posh boutique hotel or a mom-and-pop establishment, you need to find a way to stand apart from your competition and become the clear choice that your customers want. A highly capable local small business marketing firm like Aligned Right Media can help you harness the power of SEO and dominate the local market.

(Source: Local SEO: the strategy missing from the hospitality industry, TRO Smith, January 27, 2014)

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