Understanding Our Services

What is SEO?  How can it help me expand my company’s customer base?

SEO, or “search engine optimization,” is essentially the process of making your website easier for potential customers to find online.  The idea is to use keywords, content, and coding bring your website to the top of relevant search pages—say, to the top of Google’s search results for a query related to your products or services.  Users will see your business before or even instead of your competitors’ lower-ranked websites, giving you an important advantage.

Though the concept is simple, the strategies we use are complex and data driven.  We do a great deal of market research and data analysis to find not only the keywords that are most relevant to your business but also which ones will yield the greatest results and how often they should be used in your page content.  Aiming for less competitive keywords, especially those localized to your area, can yield faster results than aiming for more competitive keywords.  However, using those keywords too often will cause search engines to tag your website as spam, whereas not using them often enough will not yield a result.  Our professional content writers must strike the perfect balance.

It is this dedication to detail and our commitment to staying current on SEO knowledge and strategies that has made us one of the top SEO firms in the world.  We get results.

What is PPC marketing?  How does it help me target my ads towards people who are already interested in my business?

PPC marketing, or “pay per click” marketing, is a way of buying web hosting for your ads.  However, it has two important differences from traditional ad hosting that make it substantially more useful for small business owners.  The first is that you only pay when a viewer clicks through to your website.  The second is that your ad only appears when people are looking for it—or for something related to it.

Whereas traditional hosts charge a single large fee to display your ad, PPC advertising hosts charge a small fee for every “click” you get.  You get charged every time someone clicks the ad to view your website but never before, making PPC marketing more economical than traditional marketing.  You only pay when it works.

Furthermore, whereas traditional hosts show your ad to everyone who visits their website regardless of whether or not they are interested, our PPC services target your ad towards two groups of people we know are already interested.  The first group is people searching for key terms related to your business:  Your ad will automatically show up at the top of their search results.  The second is people who have viewed your website before:  They will see your ad reoccurring on the sidebars of other websites they visit.

The result is a marketing strategy that both saves you money and yields better results in comparison to general online advertising.

What are the differences between Social Media Optimization, Local Buzz Optimization, and Online Reputation Management?

These three services have a great deal in common:  They all work to promote your business to new and repeat customers through websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.  They work well together, and at times these services may even overlap.  However, each of these services is unique and necessary because it they each focus on different aspects of your company’s online presence.

Social Media Optimization is primarily concerned with creating and updating your company’s presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.  This is a great way for you to connect with your existing clients and to draw them in again through promotions and online interaction.  This interaction has the potential to yield new connections through your existing customers’ family, friends, and followers, but it is primarily concerned with people who already know you exist.

Meanwhile, Local Buzz Optimization is targeted towards drawing in new customers from your community.  We work with specific sections of social media and other websites, like Facebook Places and Bing Local, to ensure that your business is well represented in location-based searches for your area.  The information we upload to these sites may help your existing customer base by making it easier for them to find your phone number, website, or address, but is ultimately more about garnering new contacts than about securing repeat business.

Finally, our Online Reputation Management service works with all of these sites, but the focus is on user-submitted reviews.  Many of your potential clients will search for customer reviews online before doing business with your company.  We work to help you earn their business by overcoming negative reviews and using positive reviews to your greatest possible advantage.

Choosing the Right Services for a Comprehensive Online Marketing Campaign

How do I know which Internet marketing services will be most effective for my business?

You can get a basic idea by looking at the descriptions of our services on our services page and by considering some very basic rules of thumb:

First, SEO is our primary area of expertise and one of our services that yields the greatest long-term impact.  We recommend all of our clients begin their marketing campaigns by allowing us to optimize their website coding and content for a few targeted keywords.  Our SEO services are among the best in the world, and they are proven yield more page views and greater revenues for all businesses, big or small, old or new.

Secondly, if you have ever gotten unsatisfactory results from an online marketing campaign run by one of our competitors, we strongly recommend a WEBSITE ANALYSIS to determine where things went wrong.  Many times we have found that the services our clients thought would help increase their website’s search rankings actually hurt them.  This is because their previous marketing firms used outdated SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, causing Google and other search engines to flag their websites as spam.  Our analysis lets us find and reverse that damage to set you back on the right track.

These two particular services form the basis of the campaigns that we run for many clients.  Once we have established a solid basis, we generally add other services to help expand our clients’ reach.  However, each client’s needs are unique and therefore not even these basic rules of thumb hold true for all of our campaigns.  Therefore the best course of action is always to speak to one of our marketing specialists about which service—or combination of services—will make the most of your budget to yield the results you want.

How long will these services take to go into effect?

The time it takes for Aligned Right Media’s marketing campaigns to yield real, tangible results varies from business to business and project to project.   However, there are a few basic rules of thumb for what you can expect.

Many of our services generally start to take effect in less than a month.  In this time period, we can update your website with a more focused design and more targeted content.  We can optimize your keyword usage and get your advertisement to the top of Google’s search results through PCP services.  We can even begin to launch a social media marketing campaign to turn your online reputation around.  At the end of the first month, you may even see a slight increase in the number of visitors to your website and the amount of time they spend there.

These benefits will continue to increase over time as our SEO strategies take effect and we expand our services on behalf of your company.  You may see an increase in your number of customers and your revenues in as little as three months or less, but it can take up to six months or longer for this increase to become noticeable.  Do not worry.  As long as your page views continue to increase and your “bounce rate,” or the rate at which people leave your website, continues to decline, our campaign is working and your business will profit.

For a more accurate timeline of what you can expect for your business, call us to set up a free consultation.

How will I know if my online marketing campaign is working?

The best way is to look at statistics about your web traffic, which Aligned Right Media conveniently provides through your personalized SEO portal.  Though your revenue will increase when our services take effect, your revenue stream is not the best place to look for results.  Your profits will most likely increase fairly gradually as you reach out to new potential customers and make lasting connections.  That can make it difficult to determine the extent to which our services have been useful to you and to what extent it is just your business’s natural growth.

Therefore, a better way to determine the effectiveness of our services is to examine your website traffic.  That information can tell you how many people have viewed your website, which search terms they used to find it, which pages are the most popular, and how long they stay.

One of the many reasons our customers trust Aligned Right Media with their business is that we strive to be as transparent as possible.  We send out regular progress reports and give you all the information you need to know if we are delivering on our promises.

When our marketing campaign is successful, you will see a dramatic increase in number of people who view your website, especially for the search terms with which we optimized your content.  You will also see an increase in the length of time visitors spend on your site.  All of these factors contribute to increased revenues and a wider customer demographic, and they are significantly easier to track.  Call the experts at Aligned Right Media today to find out how.

Can you help me overcome negative reviews posted online?

Absolutely!  Managing both negative and positive reviews to your company’s best advantage is one of the key features of our Online Reputation Management service.  This service is a great way to recover from previous difficulties your company has faced, whether they were with a previous owner, poor employees, or any other problems.

While we cannot erase negative reviews from the Internet, we can help prevent them from impacting your business.  We can also help you build up a steady stream of positive reviews to help balance out your negative feedback.  By taking control of your business’s online profiles, we can use positive reviews to push negative reviews down to the bottom of the page.  We can also post responsive, thoughtful comments to any negative reviews to try to rebuild relationships and show customers you care about their feedback.

Can you help me establish an online presence for the first time?

Yes.  In the past, we have worked with many new businesses to develop positive online reputations and start expanding their customer bases.  We have even worked with businesses that had not yet sold their first product!

If own an established company that just doesn’t have its own website yet, you might be surprised to find out how much information about you already exists online.  Websites like Yelp and Google Maps allow customers to create profiles for and post reviews of local businesses without the business owners’ input.

Our online reputation services can help you find these reviews and take charge of how potential customers see your business by pushing positive reviews to the top of the page and posting constructive responses to negative reviews.  Call us to find out more.

Overcoming Distance for Effective Local Marketing

How can Aligned Right Media work with my business if your marketing professionals are located hundreds or even thousands of miles away from me?

We are dedicated to remaining transparent and keeping in regular contact with our customers, no matter where in the world they are located!  We will take the time and put in the extra effort to make sure we understand your business’s needs and that you have a clear picture of what is happening on our end.

With some of our previous clients, that has meant using tools like phone calls, e-mails, video chats, and video messages.  Video calls and messaging allow us to show you exactly what we are doing and answer any questions you may have in a way that is clear and easy to follow, while phone calls and e-mails are better for brief questions or progress updates.

In addition, all of our clients get access to a website that shows them exactly where we are in our marketing campaign and how that is working for their business.  This website includes things like a list of the steps we have taken and will take on their behalf, usernames and passwords for all the accounts we have for their business, Google analytics for their website, and even more.

Call us today for further explanation or for an example of the ways we maintain transparency and stay in touch with our clients, near or far.

How can you help me connect with people in my community if Aligned Right Media is not local to my area?

In short, we do a thorough investigation into the local business scene in your area so that we understand your unique needs and challenges before we begin our services.

We start every marketing campaign with a thorough investigation of our clients’ online reputation, their local market, and their immediate competitors.  This research generally consists of searches on websites like Google Maps, Bing Local, and Facebook Places, a thorough investigation of your competitors’ websites, and the information we get from you during your free consultation.  We let this research guide our services and strategies, grounding it in the very same information your potential customers will have when they search for your company online.  That way we can target our services to the areas where they matter most.

We do this regardless of whether our client’s business is down the street from our headquarters or halfway across the world.  After all, even in our own hometowns, we do not know everything there is to know about all local industries.  That experience with area-specific research is what allows us to be certain that our work is effective regardless of where our clients are located.