Effective Online Reputation Management Helps Businesses Regain Clients


Countless businesses understand the importance of a good, solid online presence. A lot of businesses have lifted off and flourished under the medium. However, The Financial Express published a story dated February 16, 2014 which tackles how volatile the Internet is: “In most industry sectors, reputation has risen from outside the top five strategic risk concerns to the top of the list. In the energy and resources sector, for example, reputation ranked outside top-10 on the list of strategic risks in 2010, though today, it irritably sits on the top spot.

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Always Look for High-Quality Local Search Engine Optimization Services


In today’s competitive business world, it is important for businesses to have a high search result ranking; to achieve this, many business owners employ the help of an experienced search engine optimization company like Aligned Right Media. However, business owners should be wary of the quality of work of their SEO company. According to a report from the Search Engine Journal, Duane Forrester of Bing has said their search engine will be penalizing sites that host content with typos and poor grammar:

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Skilled Internet Marketing Consultants Can Help Jazz Up Your Website


There are important news that grip attention enough to make people take notice and act accordingly. Sam Kirkland of The Poynter Institute is all plaudits over one such example: “Give NBC News a medal: Major website redesigns often miss deadlines, but the newly responsive NBCNews.com has launched in time to take advantage of an influx in traffic from the Winter Olympics – especially via second-screen social referrals.

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Some SEO Lessons an Internet Marketing Company Always Takes to Heart


There are good ways and bad ways of doing things. SEO isn’t any different. When it comes to SEO violations, Google means business. They have many ways to penalize a website, ranging from a drop in page rankings to being taken out of Google’s indices. Danny Sullivan, Marketing Land founding editor, lists some of the most prominent violations and reasons to steer clear of them.

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Is ‘About’ Always About You? An Internet Marketing Company Explains


When writing content for your website’s About page, it shouldn’t always be about the website, let alone about you. Most people don’t really want to know where you studied. This is just one of a few tips from online marketing expert Eric Siu on making an About page an effective element of any website. This is always the go-to page when visitors want to know more about the business and its services. In some cases, job applicants go to this page for answers to possible interview questions.

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Boost Marketing with a Creative Search Engine Optimization Company

mapping the furniture of marketing digitally

A feature on the Gulf News website, which was published on February 4, 2014, discusses the possible new directions online marketing will take. Online marketing tactics are dynamic and ever-changing, so businesses will have to adapt to these new changes and trends as they’re being introduced in order to stay in the game. Interestingly, the article focuses on the importance of local search marketing:

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Why Small Businesses Need to Focus on Dynamic Local Internet Marketing

how to make your local business stand out from the crowd

Smallbiztrends.com has a list of local business marketing tips that was published on January 9, 2014. Small businesses might not have the reach and coverage of larger corporations, yet they can still stay competitive with the right tools and strategies at their disposal. The special feature urges entrepreneurs to closely monitor the competition’s marketing efforts to help them maintain a competitive edge in their own marketing efforts:

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How Dynamic Online Marketing Services Help Businesses Race to the Top

new york magazine begins to give up on print

Pre-internet, people frequently found themselves deluged with print ad inserts as they flipped through newspapers and magazines. Now with the Internet more ubiquitous than ever, advertisements in printed form have become a rare commodity. Hamilton Nolan of Gawker.com writes that print is dying as evidenced by New York magazine’s decision to dwindle their weekly issue production to bi-weekly.

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How to Tell if Internet Marketing Consultants Know What They Are Doing

Social Media

Internet marketing is the modern means of getting a brand before a target audience. There are actually no schools that you can go to for it specifically. Knowing how to do it takes years of experience in different areas of marketing. Companies trying to take advantage of the internet and create an online presence that results in more sales need to hire qualified internet marketing consultants.

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