Local Internet Marketing Firms Discuss Yelp’s Fake Review Crusade


Last October, 2013, the Fair Trade Commission of Taiwan slapped Samsung a hefty fine of well over $300,000 for posting fake reviews about their products and competitors. While this was going on, BlackBerry quickly denied claims of hiring third-party services to create fake reviews about their messenger app. Officials and consumer watchdogs are alarmed at the steady increase of fake online reviews in various industries. Americans rely heavily on online reviews to look for good products and services, with at least seven out of ten looking at the reviews first before buying the product or service.

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Mistakes That Can Be Avoided by Hiring Internet Marketing Consultants


Internet marketing is the way of the future and a lot of people are climbing onto the bandwagon. It helps that the rush to implement online marketing strategies is encouraged by the relative ease of doing so. However, companies using the Internet to raise awareness of their products and services often face several pitfalls that skilled internet marketing consultants can help them avoid.

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Mixing Offline and Online Marketing for Local Business Growth is Good


Marketing is a necessity for business owners who want to expand their influence. There are different ways to market a business brand, and each have their own perks. A March 12, 2014 story on Mashable discusses a growing marketing tactic for businesses: making use of social media. Maria Fernandez Guajardo, vice president at RetailNext, notes that 89% of consumers would sign up for mobile messages if they were personalized, citing a 2013 study by Vibes.

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Reliable Internet Marketing Services Your New Businesses Should Get


Some people might be inclined to think that effective internet marketing services are reserved for larger businesses. The fact, however, is that small businesses stand to profit from internet marketing the most. Internet marketing is about boosting the visibility of a business website and making it easier for people to find. This is very important for newer businesses because studies have shown that 89% of all consumers will research a product or service online before purchasing it. That said, a new business will definitely profit from the following services:

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Quality Responsive Web Design Gives the Maximum Mileage for Websites


Compared to previous years, Americans are very dependent on phones and tablets for internet access. It is expected that web traffic via mobile phones and tablets will surpass traffic from personal computers this 2014. Online marketing companies have been more active than before in ensuring that they can provide their client with quality responsive web design, which means website compatibility with any Internet-capable device.

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An Excellent Social Media Marketing Company Knows the Web’s Dynamism


The past years have proved the worth of social media sites in the realm of online marketing strategy. These sites have become an integral part of the said marketing method, which delivers excellent attention and traction on the Internet. However, many people are still in a quandary as to how it works with SEO or other online marketing techniques; expert social media marketing services, however, know very well.

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