Web Design Services: Websites Need to Balance Beauty with Efficiency

3 major web design trends for 2014

Many companies think that content, rather than aesthetics, is the most important component of their websites. However, the past few years have shown that the layout and design of websites must be given equal value because Internet users tend to stick to web pages with attractive layouts. Forbes contributor Haris Bacic encourages website owners to start reconsidering the visual appeal of their sites in 2014.

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Dynamic Social Media Marketing Services: Social Media Trends for 2014

5 social media trends to look out for in 2014

Investment News published an article that talked about the social media optimization (SMO) trends that are expected to kick into high gear this 2014. Without going into specific details, the article emphasized five types of SMO that today’s dynamic social media marketing services are offering—including image-sharing, micro videos, and high-quality information articles. The article also predicted that social media sites like Google+ will become even more influential, considering the increasing number of companies that have begun using them for networking and communication.

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Timing is Very Important When it Comes to Pay Per Click Marketing Ads

understanding time and ppcs relationship in online business

Pay per click (PPC) strategies may be simple, yet they’re effective enough to warrant little to no supervision. However, Michael Arnold of Business 2 Community says that PPC ads actually need to observe proper timing (i.e. be constantly supervised) to be even more effective. For example, PPC ads need to be modified for certain holidays, like Valentine’s Day or Easter, so that they wouldn’t look out of place when an Internet user encounters them on a website.

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Boost Marketing with a Creative Search Engine Optimization Company

mapping the furniture of marketing digitally

A feature on the Gulf News website, which was published on February 4, 2014, discusses the possible new directions online marketing will take. Online marketing tactics are dynamic and ever-changing, so businesses will have to adapt to these new changes and trends as they’re being introduced in order to stay in the game. Interestingly, the article focuses on the importance of local search marketing:

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Why Small Businesses Need to Focus on Dynamic Local Internet Marketing

how to make your local business stand out from the crowd

Smallbiztrends.com has a list of local business marketing tips that was published on January 9, 2014. Small businesses might not have the reach and coverage of larger corporations, yet they can still stay competitive with the right tools and strategies at their disposal. The special feature urges entrepreneurs to closely monitor the competition’s marketing efforts to help them maintain a competitive edge in their own marketing efforts:

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How Dynamic Online Marketing Services Help Businesses Race to the Top

new york magazine begins to give up on print

Pre-internet, people frequently found themselves deluged with print ad inserts as they flipped through newspapers and magazines. Now with the Internet more ubiquitous than ever, advertisements in printed form have become a rare commodity. Hamilton Nolan of Gawker.com writes that print is dying as evidenced by New York magazine’s decision to dwindle their weekly issue production to bi-weekly.

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